Cadet Program


The purpose of the Cadets’ Program is to give cadets of maritime Academies the opportunity to learn more about the specific operations of the future position in rank of ship’s officer as per his Certificate of Competency and to equip them with all necessary on board knowledge and safety practices for the world of maritime work.

Target group

Cadets from Maritime academies and Universities who are currently studying or are in the process of completing their tertiary qualifications in one of the CSM approved academies.


  • Duration of the CSM Cadets Program’s contract is 6 months on board of CSM, PD or TCM vessels to enable cadets to accumulate sufficient sailing period and to get their National Licenses upon graduation. Mainly we are considering cadets after 4th year of education, but for the students with very good theoretical background we can offer positions of Junior Cadet after 3rd year of Education. After obtaining enough sea service and National License in case of positive feedback from the ship’s command Cadets promoting for the Junior Officer / Junior Engineer positions with promotion on board.
  • Cadets are introduced to, and familiarized with, the operations of vessel’s departments, and Company’s corporate environment and its culture;
  • Cadets receive necessary in-house and additional training to be able to work safely on board of CSM ships;
  • Cadets are provided with a strong support system, which includes experienced officers and mentors to guide them through the on-board job training and learning.

The main criteria of cadets program of Columbia Shipmanagement Ukraine LTD is accessibility, transparency and stability. The employment on board the vessels of the company is free of change. The main requirements are good English skills, good theoretical knowledge (according to your study program, an average score should be over 4), healthy lifestyle and desire to get a job in one of the leading company of maritime industry on modern vessels.

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