Capt. Fradi Faouzi, Crew Training Manager CSM

Seminar arranged by Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) took place in Odessa on May 30 through June 2, 2017. Seafarers employed on CSM’s bulk carriers, superintendants and the company’s representatives participated in the event.

Moderator and one of the seminar’s hosts was Capt. Sergei Stadnik, CSM’s marine superintendant. In the course of the seminar participants discussed issues of safety onboard and cargo handling. The seminar covered a number of topics, namely: loading and unloading, cargo control during passage, key principles for handling bulk cargo in line with requirements of international regulations, such as International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code), International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code), Code of Practice for Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers (BLU Code). The agenda also included items concerning cargo ventilation, vessel ballasting, loss prevention, developing adequate communication between crew members.

Apart from theoretical matters, participants of the seminar did practical calculations for various cargo handling operations and ship stability. Such combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills was one of the key focuses of the event.

According to CSM’s Crew Training Manager Capt. Fradi Faouzi, “Ukraine ranks second by the total number of seafarers employed at CSM, and it ranks first by the number of officers. That’s why this is the second seminar of this type held in Odessa. For four days superintendants and ship masters with extensive experience of working on bulk carriers shared knowledge with each other. Our company is happy with the level of competency demonstrated by Ukrainian seafarers. But we strive to be the best, and that’s why one’s qualifications are not the only thing we take into account. It is equally important to cut work-related risks down to zero ensuring safety of the crew and the environment. So there is no doubt that such trainings where we discuss these and many other problems are necessary.”

Along with masters and chief officers, promising second officers were also invited to the seminar. This international event was attended by cadets and junior officers from Croatia, Romania and other countries. CSM’s bulk carrier fleet includes dozens of modern vessels, and it is extremely important for the company that seafarers employed on its bulk carriers have all necessary skills and competencies. Regular trainings and seminars will help crew members to keep track of all engineering solutions and innovations implemented in shipping industry. According to feedback from the seminar participants it is clear that the event is popular and many attendees supported the idea that it should become an annual event.

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