This program is for you

You are a student of a maritime academy or university and you seek to get valuable experience on a modern vessel in one of the leading shipping companies!

On the program you will

  • spend 6 months on board of CSM, PD or TCM ships
  • gain the necessary skills and sea service to start off a successful career at sea
  • learn how different ship departments work and get a feel for the company’s policies
  • have full support from experienced officers, who will guide you through the process and help you learn the ropes

If you receive good recommendations, we may offer you a position of a junior officer with career growth opportunities.

Main requirements

  • fluent English

  • good grades (point average across specialty subjects is 4)

  • healthy lifestyle

  • desire to work on a modern ship with one of the leading maritime companies in the world

How to become a CSM cadet

  1. Fill out an Application form on the website or send your own to
  2. Receive a call from us
  3. Pass the interview
  4. Pack your suitcases!
Application Form
What happens next for the candidates?2023-06-08T10:40:47+03:00

After the interview, cadets take a test on their knowledge of English and their specialty. They need to achieve a passing score. The final stage is an interview with the captain or senior engineer, who assesses how well the candidate’s specialty knowledge meets the requirements.

Is it scary to go through the process?2023-06-08T10:40:26+03:00

For many candidates, this interview experience is often their first one, and they are usually nervous. But during our conversation, the fear disappears. They understand that I am not expecting anything unrealistic from them.

First of all, it is necessary to submit an application, but what awaits candidates after that?2023-06-08T10:40:05+03:00

We invite candidates for an English language interview, where we discuss their interests and ambitions. The main goal of such an interview is to understand how well a person can communicate, especially on professional topics, in a mixed crew. If the candidate needs to work on their English level, I always point out the gaps and advise on how to fill them for a better result during the interview.

What kind of candidates does CSM look for?2023-06-08T10:39:45+03:00

We give everyone the opportunity to try their hand. The main requirements are good theoretical knowledge and a good level of English. Desire is also very important. If a cadet is motivated and wants to develop, this is priceless.

Which cadet program’s directions are available at CSM?2023-06-08T10:39:04+03:00

We take cadets for deck officers, engineers, and electro-technical officers.

Why should someone apply to CSM?2023-06-08T10:37:49+03:00

The cadets truly grow in their positions. If a cadet studies, works, and receives positive feedback, career growth is guaranteed!

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