Odesa Half Marathon 2016 has taken place on June 26 in Odessa , in which were eight starts . To begin with, the participants have overcome several distances ( the longest was 21 , 0975 km) : they started near Opera theatre , ran along historical streets , then they continued running along Odessa Health Road and finished in the downtown . In corporate race the second place was taken by team of the crewing company Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM), having been ahead of rivals from fitness club ‘’ FitStyle’’.

According to organizers, the most part of the sportsmen who participated in running actions live in Kiev. It is true that Odesa Half Marathon 2016 was the first half– marathon in the history of Odessa and it was very worthy , because 1100 people and from them were 150 children have taken part in the eight races . Eight thousand people have come to look at race and to support friends and relatives. Another good thing about it is that Odesa Half Marathon 2016 has collected not only inhabitants of Odessa, but also guests from other cities and even countries: USA, Norway, Moldova, Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other states.

At office of CSM in day of a marathon two teams : 8 girls and 5 guys including directors of the company and they tried on sportswear and trainers .

Moreover the men’s team of CSM ran the maximum distance — all half-marathon of 21,0975 kilometers. Competition was in difficult conditions. Participants started at 8 a.m at a temperature of +20 °C, but very quickly became intolerable hot — literally, in an hour temperature has grown to +30 °C and above. The part of a route lay on a stone blocks that has also complicated running. About 200 volunteers provided participants with water, controlled work of so-called ‘’points of cooling’’ , showed the way and carried out other duties.

The management of CSM considers that “run is the easiest and available way to reduce stress, to improve the health and physical shape” .

Now top management of the company actively is engaged in promoting of sport among seamen and staff of office. However, much of them do not need to tell about advantage of run — because they are excellent sportsmen . We remind that girls from CSM also took part in Odesa Half Marathon 2016, and have shown excellent results!

The women’s team of CSM has won 8-kilometer running — girls finished for the whole 10 seconds earlier then their rivals. On this distance five more teams — guys and girls from “Citrus”, “Legal corporation”, Impact Hub Odessa, Juscutum and Luxoft participated in running.

We want to congratulate sportsmen of CSM, and also all participants of a marathon. Having overcome distances in 8 and 21,0975 kilometers (and having even taken prizes), you have won a serious victory over yourself. We wish you to cope with all difficulties, to be healthy and strong and worthy represent Odessa at the international competitions!

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